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Bradley Coates, Esq., ( is the author of “DIVORCE with DECENCY – The Complete How-To Handbook and Survivor’s Guide to the Legal, Emotional, Economics, and Social Issues.”  Brad and Diana are friends: the first appearance on her radio show was in Honolulu in 1999 when the First Edition of his book was published. Now he’s about to publish his Fifth Edition. The topic for this program was Romantic Relationships in this Modern Millennium. Unmarried cohabitation is on the rise…What are the ripple effects? Legally, the Paternity Calendars as well as the Domestic Abuse Calendars are full. The children often suffer because happy adults usually produce happy children. Modern couples often want it all: intimacy and autonomy, reassurance, safety and novelty, coziness but with thrills. Personal growth can occur after breakups – and as Bradley Coates says, “Keep your eyes open. Learn and improve!” Listen to this program; it’s likely you too will learn and improve!   

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Did you know that October is Kink Month? What better way to acknowledge and celebrate kink than with Dr. Susan Block! She returned to the program with a focus on Bonobo BDSM. Her book is “THE BONOBO WAY – The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure” (, and there are many comparisons between humans and bonobos. People who practice BDSM tend to prioritize sex – they make time for it, they’re accepting of their sexuality, and they communicate openly with their partner. With bonobos there is a dominant/submissive hierarchy; in managing their aggression, they turn it into sex, keeping the peace. In their matriarchal communities, the females share the rule, brokering peace. In fact, all those interested in human happiness should read this book!

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