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Bradley Coates, Esq. returned to the program. His book “Divorce with Decency” is now in its 4th Edition. This is a book that is an all-encompassing survey of love, marriage, and romantic relationships. Brad is unlike the vast majority of divorce attorneys because he lectures internationally on Marriage Preservation Pointers, also the subject of this program.  What are the ingredients for a healthy and lasting relationship? Bradley Coates and Dr. Diana discussed the basic nature of conflict, romantic illusions, different gender styles, mental and sexual differences.  They expanded on the “Surprising (And Scientifically Proven) Things That Lead to a Lasting Marriage” from the Huffington Post. Please listen – there is lots of useful information for anyone who is in a partnership – or wants one. 

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Sheri Winston, author of “Succulent Sex Craft,” and her partner Carl Frankel, author of “Secrets of the Sex Masters,” rejoined the program – getting 2015 off to a sexy, informative start!  Their Valentine’s two-day workshop Becoming an Erotic Virtuoso offers an intensive for both singles and partners. Energy and anatomy is an amazing combination! They will discuss the “Secrets of the Sexual Body,” and the “Secrets of Sexual Energy” – as we did on this program. Please listen to his show – and go to their for more information.

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