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Ross Rosenberg and Dr. Diana spoke about codependents and emotional manipulators – otherwise known as narcissists. His book “The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us” describes these dynamics in detail.  Love, sex and relationships can go sideways because giving, selfless individuals (codependents) are often drawn to self-centered, controlling partners (emotional manipulators). Perhaps one of the saddest aspects of these “magnetic” connections is that it acts as a barrier to true pleasure in nearly every area of life. 

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Dr. Stephanie Buehler ( is an internationally recognized expert in sex and relationship therapy. Through the media, including articles to educate on making sex lives better, Dr. B. addresses common problems like mismatched desire or difficult problems like sexual pain. The latter was the focus for this program. Both Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Diana have experience with female clients expressing similar themes: unconsummated relationships on the verge of unraveling, fears about bearing children, and feelings of pain, shame, and confusion associated with sexual pain. Both doctors explored these questions: Are there conditions that cause sexual pain? How do these problems affect a woman and her relationship? How is the male partner specifically affected? What are treatments for sexual pain? Since Dr. Stephanie also deals with sex and cancer, there was some discussion about this complicated arena. In our culture, sexual pleasure can have dangerous overtones. It may be the first thing we toss overboard during life’s various storms. We may need to remember that our sexuality is at our core…as important as the need to eat and breathe!   

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