Dr. Stella Resnick, a well known author – “The Pleasure Zone” and “The Heart of Desire” – and a Certified Sex Therapist, was the guest.  She and Dr. Diana looked at The Evolution of Sex Therapy since Masters & Johnson – how the field has expanded beyond a focus on sexual dysfunction to an emphasis on sexual health, pleasure, and a respect for diversity. Virginia Johnson, the collaborator with Dr. William Masters, died July 26th. Inspired by her death, our program looked back and forward regarding Sex Therapy. Dr. Stella is articulate! Among her wise observations is that as sex therapists, we challenge our clients to evolve themselves through sexual pleasure! One goal of this program is to help us so that we are in a sexually smarter place, and Dr. Stella contributed to that effort . Please go to www.DrStellaResnick.com to learn more.

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