David Steinberg (www.DavidSteinberg.us) erotic author and photographer is a thoughtful observer, an explorer with empathy and a writer with (sex-positive) honesty. I know this to be true because I’ve known David for thirty-plus years. Last time we discussed his book “This Thing We Call Sex.” For this program we spoke of the not yet published “The Shepard and the Nymph – The Erotic Letters of Marco Vassi and Eve Diana.” Who was Marco Vassi and why is he important? What are his most important books? Who is Eve Diana and what was the nature of their relationship? David talked about the story behind this book and how it came about…The back story is fascinating! Vassi was a part of the NY sex scene in the 70s and 80s; in fact, he revealed he had sex with 1000 men and 500 women. He died of AIDS in 1989. His legacy were many books exploring sexual adventures and openness. His relationship with Eve Diana is noteworthy because David’s book is a private view into their sexual connection. Please tune in – there is more. David’s work as an erotic photographer is also fascinating!

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