Sheri Winston knows how to transform anxiety into excitement! As she explains in her book Succulent Sex Craft, anxiety is just excitement without enough breath. How about deepening and slowing down your breathing? Sheri and Dr. Diana conversed more about BREATHING and then focused on TOUCH. Sheri knows about sacred sexual traditions, ways that a couple can get into the same arousal zone, and a lot about anatomy. Both men and women have erectile tissues. The paired internal vestibular bulbs—which are part of the clitoral system and are located under the outer labia—are the real “buried pleasure!”


Sheri ventures there is a “Pandemic of Premature Penetration.” One study found that a couple’s average time for foreplay and intercourse was 12 minutes total. When a couple slows down and spends more time sexually engaged, say 30-45 minutes, tissues are engorged, arousal is high, and they may feel like they’re in a deep erotic trance. Then, penetration can feel amazing!


Both Sheri and Dr. Diana suggested seeking professional help if a couple is contemplating divorce. Divorce rates are poised to rise. A Washington D.C. area firm reports a 70% increase in inquiries about divorce representation since March. Don’t be in that group. Read Sheri’s books as well as Dr. Diana’s book, Love in the Time of Corona: Advice from a Sex Therapist for Couples in Quarantine, and really communicate with your partner so that you can go from “Quarantining to Cocooning.” With the pandemic still raging, we need Sheri’s wisdom—dispensed with such an open heart!

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