Dr. Lori Buckley – www.DrLoriBuckley.com – returned to the program. Her book is “21 Decisions for Great Sex & a Happy Relationship” which can be purchased on AMAZON. As Sex Therapists, Dr. Lori and Dr. Diana discussed their favorite sex tips, books, and sex toys. Here’s a flavor for the show: Compliment your partner. It will make him/her feel noticed, special, and appreciated. The more connected she feels, the more sexually inspired she’ll feel. Also, explore new regions…perhaps the back of her neck, the base of her spine. Sex becomes about discovery, not seeking some destination. The goal of this show is to inspire you to reconnect -- with yourself and your partner – and to suggest things you might do to put a little extra zest in your lovemaking. Some ask, “Who wants to work on sex? Isn’t it supposed to happened naturally?” No, sex is not a natural function; it’s a natural potential…It has to be developed, like reading, speaking a language or spirituality. You may be inspired by listening to Dr. Lori and Dr. Diana!

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