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Dr. Lori Buckley guest hosted, interviewing Dr. Diana and her husband Bryan about their new book Love in the Time of Corona published today on Amazon!  Take a look. It’s an e-book – soon to be followed by a print copy.

Several questions were explored …including What can couples do to thrive and grow closer during this challenging time?  “Forced togetherness” can be used as an opportunity to explore your sexual relationship and rekindle the sparks of passion. In addition to having fun, you may discover deeper levels of intimacy, both with your partner and with yourself. What makes touch so important for couples? Now, more than ever, we need comforting touch, a touch of love. There’s a universal truth about human sexuality: no matter your sexual beliefs, nothing beats a good back or foot massage. What about romance? Is it possible in this challenging time? Absolutely yes! Romance has a lot more to do with thoughtfulness, kindness, and fun than spending tons of money .. although flowers can be welcome if the guy is really present in other ways as well. Dr. Lori asked about more topics from the book – including: the health benefits and healing powers of sex; scheduling sex, putting it on the calendar for a Date Night at home; reconnecting sexually if there’s been a long period of time without much intimacy; tips for becoming more confident and skilled as a lover; suggestions for couples to improve their sexual communication skills; and Seven Secrets for Sensational Sex. Tune in – you may be informed and inspired! If you buy the e-book, you will find many exercises – giving you structure so that you can make positive relationship changes during this Pandemic.   

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We need to go from Quarantining to Cocooning. Host Dr. Diana Wiley has a book soon to be published “Love in the Time of Corona,” and her guest is Sheri Winston ( author of “Succulent Sex Craft.” Together they spoke of the COVID19 level of uncertainty which often leads to increased stress and anxiety. Since sex is good for reducing stress and deepening a relationship, use this time as an opportunity to explore your sexual relationship and rekindle the sparks of passion. Plan a date night (or morning/afternoon) at home. Put it on the calendar. Sex does not have to be spontaneous. We both have Chapters on touch. Sheri’s has the “Six P’s of Touch: PRESENCE: Be present. Touch here now. PURPOSE: Hold a positive intention. PATIENCE: Don’t rush, Take your time. PRECISION: Be accurate and focused. (Body Painting each other can be a fun game!) PATTERN: Think musically and artistically – use rhythm, themes and motifs. PROGRESSION: Keep it moving – and coherent.  Laughing and playing together is important because couples who laugh together last together. Creative silliness is a great solution! The word silly did not originally mean ridiculous or trivial. It comes from the Old English saelig, which meant prosperous, happy, and healthy. A little silliness can help you enjoy all those blessings. Sheri compared some sex to how dogs and cats like to play. The dog, often a man, may dive right into the genitals while the cat-like woman wants more of a warmup connection, going at her pace. Laughter yoga and sexual energy were also discussed. Tune in!

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