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Repeat Program from  7/11/12

On the show with Dr. Diana was April Masini.  She has been nicknamed “the new millennium’s Dear Abby” by the media, is the author of four dating advice books, and produces the critically acclaimed Ask April advice column and forum, personally answering all the questions.  We discussed sleeping with a man on the first date, commitment issues, nice guys finishing last, and women pursuing men – and more.  Visit .  April will return to the program on July 25th to dispense more terrific advice!

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Brad Coates, divorce lawyer and author of “Divorce with Decency” an award-wining book now in its

4th Edition, was Dr. Diana’s guest.  They discussedAFFAIRS: the statistics, gender differences, the opportunity factors, feeling desired, the book “Sex at Dawn,” and the renewing of romance for rebuilding relationships.  Brad will return for a Part 2 on January 8th.

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Dr. Serena McKenzie, Naturopathic Physician, and Dr. Diana discussed why sex matters.  Dr. Serena ( has been in health care for over 17 years and is well versed in sexual medicine. (And, she enjoys playful living!) She and Dr. Diana often collaborate so that the patient has an authentic mind-body perspective – especially necessary for female sexuality. Good sex alone cannot sustain a relationship, but bad sex, or none at all, can severely strain it to the point of breaking. Dr. Serena adheres to a basic principle of integrative medicine: a partnership between patient and practitioner in the healing process. She asks the patient what she wants, does not make assumptions, and poses the question: what would good sex look like for you? Practice and communication are necessary to excel at sex!

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